Provisional program

Thursday, September 29
*9.00-16.30 – Pre-conference for PhD students: Keynotes and workshops (see pre-conference page)
*14.00-16.00 – Arts-based workshops in the Campus and Bicocca District (see below)

17.30-20.00 – Official start – Plenary session. Introduction to the Conference Themes. Knowing each other: a community meeting. Celebration of ESREA’s Birthday: roundtable and reception. Award for the Best PhD paper.
Friday , September 30
8.45-13.00 – 14.00-18.00 – Keynote Dr. Tommaso Vitale – Plenary sessions and Parallel sessions

Saturday, October 1
8.45-13.00 – 14.00-18.00 – Keynote Dr. Darlene Clover –  Plenary sessions and Parallel sessions – Social dinner at
Grand Hotel Villa Torretta Milan Sesto

Sunday, October 2
9.00-13.00 –  Parallel sessions, workshops and symposia
 – Keynote Dr. Linden West, closing plenary

Cultural Programme


Thursday, September 29
14.00-16.00: Arts-based workshops (A, B) in the Bicocca Campus
14.00-16.00: Socio-cultural workshops (C) in the Bicocca District
14.30-16.00: Visit historical archive (D) in the Bicocca District
Art-based Workshop A
Photography and feminism in Italy in the Seventies. Mirroring, critical investigation and testimony
Curated by Prof. Cristina Casero, University of Parma, Italy
Participants:  max 20
Bicocca campus
Art-based Workshop B
Feeling is seeing! Emotions and images. The use of photography to move yourself
Can happiness be contagious? A workshop that intertwines words and photographs, where emotions are evoked by images to share within the group a path on feelings and their representation.
Curated by Alice Patriccioli, MUFOCO Museo Fotografia Contemporanea (Museum of Contemporary Photography), Cinisello Balsamo (MI), Italy
Participants: max 20
Bicocca campus
Socio-cultural Workshop C
MUBIG Project: a neighbourhood museum
MUBIG is in an old farmhouse transformed into a low-cost housing project for people of different ages and needs. MUBIG is a participatory project realised by and with the inhabitants of the neighbourhood.
Curated by Anna Chiara Cimoli and Chiara Ciaccheri, ABCittà, Milano, Italy
Participants: max 20
Bicocca District, walking tour
Visit to the Pirelli Foundation (D)
Pirelli, when history builds the future
The Pirelli Foundation, which is based in the heart of the Pirelli Headquarters, preserves over 3.5 km of documents about the company’s history since it was founded in 1872 through the present day. Photographs, drawings and posters, audio-visuals, house organs and company journals, technical papers, architectural documents on the transformation of areas where Pirelli has operated in Italy (such as Bicocca District) and abroad: an extraordinary heritage that illustrates Pirelli’s long tradition and its leading role in the field of research and innovation. A journey to discover 150 years of history, from memories to future scenarios.
Curated by Fondazione Pirelli
Participants: 25
Fondazione Pirelli, Bicocca District, Via Piero e Alberto Pirelli, 25, Milano
Sunday, October 2
14.00-16.00: Visit a contemporary art exhibition in the Bicocca District
Guided tours at Pirelli Hangar Bicocca
Curated by the Pirelli Hangar Bicocca Museum Educator Team, Milano, Italy
Participants: 25 max
Pirelli Hangar Bicocca, Bicocca District, Via Chiese 2, Milano